Chat Noir All-Wood Cat Fridge Magnet


Serious cat style makes any refrigerator or other metal surface come alive with color and light touch of humor.

Our newest refrigerator magnets feature original cat art affixed to a 3 X 3 Inch wood mount with a super strong magnet on the back. 

Deborah's Chat Noir Cat Magnet started out as an illustration for Travels With George: Paris, a book about two adventurous New York City cats  who smuggle their way to  Paris and, once there, share their people's tour around the popular sight of the French capital.

While in Paris, the cats stroll the Tuileries, relax on the Seine, watch birds in Luxembourg Gardens and get all the way up to the top of the Eiffel Tower. In the scene from which this illustration was taken, after taking a quiet walk along the Seine River quay, they return to the streets and are startled by a kiosk filled with cat posters, most of them of the Chat Noir variety.

Click here to see the original as a cat art print .

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